Alice Weiser
Alice's Expertise
Alice Weiser has told her many clients, and the millions of listeners and viewers who have heard her on talk radio and television, "If you want to know more about yourself. Put it in writing."

Lecture Topics:
  • • Enter the World of Handwriting Analysis
  • • Understanding the relationship you have with your child
  • • Understanding your child and the birth order
  • • Happiness is an Inside Job
  • • Seven Significant Signs of a Serious Liar
  • • Your Handwriting...Your Body Language
  • • Your Voice Inflection... You!
  • • How To Mirror Image Your Way to Success
  • • Put Some Steam In Your Self-Esteem
  • • The Write Person for the Right Job
  • • Develop a Power Signature... Get a Jumpstart on Life
  • • Are You in the Winners Circle?
Lectures can be tailor made to fit the needs of your association.

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Judge the Jury by Alice Weiser
Judge the Jury:
Experience the Power of Reading People
by Alice Weiser and Jan Latiolias-Hargrave