Alice Weiser
Alice's Analysis
Alice Weiser maintains an international reputation for her straight forward and scientific approach to handwriting analysis. A graduate of Boston University, author and certified graphoanalysist, Ms. Weiser also provides insight into a person's body language and facial expressions. Known as "The Human Lie Detector", Ms. Weiser has advised some of the nation's leading attorneys in their selection of jurors and has serves some of nation's largest corporations in their selection of key personnel.

What is a Graphoanalysist? It is the art of judging a person’s character, disposition and aptitude from handwriting. It is also called graphology. Graphoanalysis is a registered trademark of the International Graphoanalysis Society.

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Alice Weiser

Judge the Jury by Alice Weiser
Judge the Jury:
Experience the Power of Reading People
by Alice Weiser and Jan Latiolias-Hargrave