Alice Weiser
"The Human Lie Detector"
From the courtroom to the classroom, and even cruise ships, Alice Weiser has been called on by some the nation’s leading attorneys, Human Resource Departments of Fortune Five Hundred Companies and an Art Therapist who specializes in children’s drawings.

She’s known as the Human Lie Detector, and is an expert personality profiler, she can show you the power behind a signature, secrets of celebrity’s and even the signs of a serious liar!
"Alice Weiser is the quintessential expert in the field of handwriting analysis and body language. She reads handwriting as though it were an autobiography of the subject and interprets body language as though it were Sign language.

She selected the jury that awarded the largest counterclaim against a divorce lawyer in the history of the United States. Alice is simply the best in her field."
— Michael Louis Minns, P.L.C. Attorney at Law.

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Alice Weiser

Judge the Jury by Alice Weiser
Judge the Jury:
Experience the Power of Reading People
by Alice Weiser and Jan Latiolias-Hargrave